About Us

River View Adventures is India’s most knowledgeable companies in Maharashtra region, led by a team of committed and well versed adventure professionals who have years of experience in the field of river rafting. Our team is well-versed with the river rafting techniques and ensures to offer you a safe and at the same time adventurous river rafting experience like never before. River View Adventures is one of the best companies to go river rafting in Kolad. We arrange adventure tours for families, office tours, college visits and much more. We have visitors from across the globe visiting us. River View Adventures is known for the best adventure trips in India. Since the time river rafting was introduced in Maharashtra at Kolad, it has been one of the most preferred weekend get away from Mumbai and Pune as well, due to the astonishing scenery it offers. It does not matter whether you know how to swim or not, our team welcomes one and all to try out this fun activity of rafting at the Kundalika River. We have a complete adventure tour planned out for you throughout your visit which lets you enjoy and relax at the same time. We are setup at a location at the Kundalika River that gives a pleasurable experience of the entire location.

If you wish to stay overnight or for a couple of days, River View Adventures offers accommodation services for a pleasant and gratifying stay. We have cottages available with the best facilities of all kinds for large and small groups. In case you are visiting us for a day’s picnic we have the finest picnic spots that will make you fall in love with the place. We even offer you refreshments and scrumptious snacks as you enjoy your visit. Our motive is to serve our guests with the best services and make their adventure tours memorable and filled with bliss.

About Kundalika River Rafting

The Kundalika River Rafting originates from a small remote town named Bhira and then flows in to the Arabian Sea passing through Kolad, Korlal, Chaul, Roha and Salav. On the bank of River Kundalika are many retreats and farmhouses with mango and watermelon as the chief fruit product and rice and nachni as the chief farm produce, as the soil is very rich in minerals and the ample water via canals fed from River Kundalika's clean and sparkling fresh water.

The Kundalika river rafting is done having rapids of grade 1 to grade 3. Thus, rafting is done taking advantage of the gushing waters released from the Mulshi Dam in the morning, generating rapids. The timing of the rafting session coincides with that of the water release from the dam. Kundalika River is considered to be the best river to enjoy a white river rafting experience in Maharashtra. Travelers across the globe visit us to relish the best White River Rafting experience. The surroundings of the Kundalika River are serene and calm making it the perfect place for a getaway.

Adventure lovers have found a distinctive way of relishing the release of the dam water. Take advantage of the location near Mumbai, with its virtually everlasting source of adventure lovers, rafting is conducted on the river using the rapids generated by the rushing water released from the dam. Rafting of grade II and III can also be practiced over a 14 km circuit and can be enjoyed all day in the monsoon, or to match with the timing of the release of water from the dam during other times of the year. Rafting here is sometimes unavailable during the peak of summer when the water becomes scarce. However, rafting can be enjoyed all day long during the monsoon.

What to expect?

All packages offer spectacular food, rafting and excellent opportunities to view nature. Our family owned/operated business takes pride in providing a personalized stay tour to all of our clients. Stay tours are enjoyed by most age groups.