Best One Day Picnic Spot Near Pune

Best One Day Picnic Spot Near Pune

Attractive and beautiful picnics spots in pune with numerous number waterfalls, plush greenery and the charming Sahyadris, Kolad is a most important tourist endpoint in Maharashtra, particularly due to its method towards water based adventure activities and similar activities. Kolad is a quiet yet lively location that offers venture sports like rafting, rappelling, kayaking, rock climbing and many more but of course Kolad River Rafting has extended fame in the tourism sector in the latest year. It is considered as one of the Best one day picnic spots near Pune.

This little village in the Raigad district offers the picturesque nature before the people with greatest happiness and excitement. The Kundalika River is the major influence behind people’s choice to do white water rafting near Mumbai . It is one of the wildest flowing rivers in the south that makes it water perfect for adventure filled rafting along with other adventure sports and happenings. Mind-blowing forts, dams, waterfalls etc. have their own inspiration on the mind set of people coming here as they are opposing with each other to grip attention from the visitors.

There are hundreds of tour organizers and adventure companies to offer you the best and reliable rafting adventure. Knowledgeable raft guides will give you good directions and exercise before the activity. The complicated rapids in the river will promise you adventure at its best. Rafting in Kolad can be done anytime during the year since the river will continue to stay intact throughout the year but of course, rainy season has special interest in Kolad so that countless of the adventure lovers admire being at Kolad throughout the rainy season when the rapids may grow up to additional level of adventure.

Weather is through the year perfect for rafting in Kolad. Weather in the region is moist all through the year and holds not much of astonishments for the visitors. When it comes to Kolad rafting trip, however, visitors mostly prefer rainy season season (June to September). Rafting in this region during rains is an astonishing experience. The atmospheres are all the more greener, the flowing waterfalls and thriving water in the river strives for a exciting rafting experience.

Seeing alike weather circumstances through the year, Kolad rafting can be practiced any time of the year. For people who are not much of familiar to ‘heavy’ rainfall can contribute in rafting throughout wintertime season (October – March). While for those who head to water spots just with the goal of beating the heat can head straight to Kolad during summertime season (March – June). No matter what time of the year you chose - the lush-greenery, spectacular waterfalls and thriving river strive for an exciting rafting experience. Kolad is one of the best one day picnic spot near Pune that you just can’t afford to miss. It is a perfect getaway for anyone looking for a short break amidst nature. To enjoy the best rafting experience in the Kundalika river rafting, click here to know more about the best adventure companies in Kolad.

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