River Rafting Precautions

Whenever you plan a white water rafting trip, follow these simple Do’s and don’ts:

River Rafting Precautions


Make sure to wear a life jacket, and it is snug and buckled at all the times during your rafting journey.

Concentrate on what your guide says as the instruction are to keep you safe.

Cautiously follow all the rules & instructions.

Tell the guides prior if you have any medical condition.

In case of any ailments or injuries, we suggest you visit your doctor/physician for a checkup.

Make sure to wear proper footwear. Avoid wearing flip flops, slippers. Do not go rafting with bare feet.

Help your fellow rafters if they unintentionally fall into the water.

Obviously, make sure to have lots of fun and make memories for life.

It is recommended to carry quick dry clothes and floaters.

Carry dry clothes and towel.


Never stand up in a moving ride.

Do not panic during your river rafting ride. We always ensure complete safety for every one.

In case of any medical problems like heart disease, do not go ahead with the rafting activity. It can prove fatal to you.

Do not prefer to wear cotton if you are going rafting in the cold weather. For the cooler months prefer wearing wetsuits, neoprene, polypropylene and wool that keeps you warm and dry.

Never consume alcohol or any illegal substance while on the rafting experience.

Don’t use the paddle as a splashing device.

Never prefer to go rafting alone.

Do not carry valuables and expensive gadgets.

Wearing safety gears and adhering the safety instructions of the guide is mandatory.

Do not carry children below age of 12 years for the ride. This can prove harmful.

Don’t try to jump or swim into the water.

Do not remove your life jacket during the ride aunder any circumstances.


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