Reasons why Kundalika Rafting should be on your Travel List

White water rafting near Mumbai is an involvement that should certainly be on your demand list. But if you contemplate you need to travel really far to try it, you couldn’t be more mistaken! The river Kundalika in Maharashtra is seamless for that adrenalin filled escapade. It initiates in the Tamhini ghats and concludes at the Arabian Sea near Roha. It is also one of the water rafting near Mumbai. It permits succulent forests and lovely rice fields and is one of the top places for river rafting in India.

Rafting all year around

Although other places in India have a precise season for rafting, Kundalika rafting is exposed all year round. The finest time, of course, is the rainy season since the water levels are high in height. These Grade 3 rapids are a pleasant enjoyment for both the primary timers and the experts. Grade 3 rapids splash water over you but are not excessively sheer. Grade 4 rapids need a fair amount of corporal work and a turbulent in places.

Fantastic Location

Not sufficient holidays? No difficulty in that. Kundalika is the faultless weekend solution and the best one day picnic spot near Pune. The distance from Mumbai is about 130 km and from Pune, the distance is about 100 km. It can simply be done in a day if you do not desire to stay overnight.

Safety First

The rafting practice depends on the release of the Ravalje and Bhira hydroelectric power stations. It is led in a stretch amid two dams and as of this, there is there is no unexpected rise in water levels or robust currents which make it as harmless as it can be. Later the rafting practise, you can go be drenched with your life jackets and float in the lazy river. As life jackets are provided, even the non-swimmers can venture to float around.

The Views

As a city resident, we don’t actually get a chance to see the mountains very frequently. The environs of Kundalika River are so picture postcard like that it’s hard to trust that it’s at a lashing distance. The Sahyadri Mountains in the background and green forests round the river make it unconditionally breath-taking particularly in the monsoon.

Adventure Activities

Beside with Kundalika river rafting, the Kundalika River rafting camp is an escapade lover’s dream come true. There’s Zip-Lining, Nature Trails, Kayaking, River Crossing, Swings and Swimming. That must keep your adrenaline driving. Do factor in a rest day after the Kundalika trip since this will certainly exhaust you out!

Attractions nearby

If you select to stay overnight, you can discover the nearby area. There is Hanuman point which rendering to myths, Hanuman refreshed here while wandering to meet Bharath. Hanuman point offers panoramic sights of the valley and is a must see. Jai Vilas Palace also known as the Raj Bari situated on the hilltop is additional historic site for structural design lovers.


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