White River Rafting Dangers And Precautions You Need To Take

White water rafting like any other fun activity is a exciting and exhilarating sport and is one in which one uses a raft to navigate water bodies like a river. This is normally done on rough water which adds to the enthusiasm and this sport has been popular since the 1970s.

This is more popular in the northern rivers or Kundalika river rafting and come pouring through steep gorges and forests that are thickly populated. A trip down a river on a raft can also provide a prodigious way to try White water rafting near Mumbai. White river rafting whether done exclusively or when pooled with other adventures will always remain an experience not to be forgotten.

While white water rafting is an exhilarating experience as it also comes with its inherent dangers. White water rafting is as much a designed risk as zip lining, sky diving, rock climbing or skiing. It is therefore vital that you know the dangers involved in white water rafting and the need is not to govern if it is safe or to evaluate the safety levels of the sport but to focus the actual dangers involved in the sport so that one can safeguard against it. Check Out River Rafting Guidlines.

Below mentioned are the top four river rafting dangers to look out for, so I can be prepared and have a great time exploring and experiencing Kundalika river rafting without any concerns or worry.


This is the primary concern that is in the mind of every person during a river rafting activity. Possibility of drowning is high when there is high level of water involved. The raft can flip over and this could lead to the person falling off. Although you may be wearing a life jacket, but don’t underestimate the current. To simply avoid this danger individuals must take proper precautions as told during the training session. Also do not try to conduct any unnecessary stunts and create a situation like this. Rafting can actually be fun if you avoid such problems.

Over exertion

Many don’t see over exertion as one of the risks in white water rafting, but many of the accidents that occur during white water rafting are related with heart attacks caused due to over exertion and people whose fitness levels are low. Thus, it is recommended to do a complete body check-up before the rafting activity. People suffering through diseases and ailments are prohibited from doing a rafting activity.


Spring run-offs, snow melting and bottoms of reservoirs are usually the source of white water and hence the water is essentially and basically cold. White water rafting is usually a sport that one indulges in during spring when the air temperature is cold. Even if the wetsuit or dry suit will protect you, you will still feel the consequence of the cold water. If this is an issue with you, we direct you to consider finding a river that runs during summer and indulge in warm weather white water rafting.

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